I lie on the floor having come down,
looking up along my bookshelf
and seeing one from high school.

I tossed open the pages and reread
the path of dharma.
Then of course I went sober for a week and ate only salad;
I drank green tea and green juices.
Then came yoga and breathing and spine strengthening.

She broke my heart.

I stare at the mirror when I smoke cigarettes,
it’s just something I do, and I dyed my hair blonde
to look like some guy in the movies
who smoked cigarettes too.
I read Tao Te Ching now
but still give a fuck,
so it’s not working for me anyway.
These motions we keep doing
are like yin and yang it’s amazing;
other people can do it too.

– Los Angeles, CA


Taken in Seattle, WA


In a down mood, smooth thoughts through
all kharmas and scenarios
where it’s even worse.
Pounded window, hairlined glass; red and blue
mirrors; skin on the pavement.
Is there fate with dharma?
Could I feel this coming, or did I push it?
I should have picked you up, but instead you lay there drunk
crying into the receiver
asking how I could leave you out
in the cold. So I lay there too and wonder
what should come next.

– Los Angeles, CA


Taken in North Hollywood, CA

5 am

Poison sparks a breath of life,
snow crunch, blow white
menthol in the morning dawn-
long dark, dying calmly
along trudging blue steps:
thinking dreams, thinking spring.

– Columbus, OH


Taken in Portland, OR