Taken in San Francisco, CA

We’re having sex on the 26th floor
of a hotel in San Diego. You have black hair
black eyes, black mascara
but I’m not looking at anything in particular.
I met you at a bar in the Gas Lamp District
and took you back because I was remembering
the last time I drank tequila,
which was with a girl better than you.

– San Diego, CA


The way you’re overly polite
but always seem to ridicule me as well
you’re not afraid of the phrase
“you can’t pull that off”
yet I don’t think you’re that cool either
and you can’t ever seem to give short answers
or any explanations
like why you stole my tattoos about books
and took up traveling as soon as I left
I’ll never be able to picture you
outside of the ghetto
and I’ll never be able to stop falling
out of love with you and the way you talk.

– Inglewood, CA


Taken in Amsterdam