I can’t forget Ohio State,
I was a food worker there
and a student.
I got high and drank
and played Spades with my coworkers.
Junior year I was in love
with a girl back home
and a girl at school.
Both had boyfriends.
I wore sweatpants
and lay around greasy
smoking bad weed.
I finally got a girl
and we stayed locked in my room
playing slap-jack and drinking wine.
We cursed our roommates and the school
and the traditions
just wanting to be somewhere without obligations.
I wore headphones everywhere,
smoking cigarettes as I walked
looking into people’s faces.
Looking back, I had so many girls
and so much camaraderie.
Now that it’s behind me I have this self-image
of being alone trying to not forget.

– Inglewood, CA


Taken in Painted Rock, MT

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