I can’t forget Ohio State,
I was a food worker there
and a student.
I got high and drank
and played Spades with my coworkers.
Junior year I was in love
with a girl back home
and a girl at school.
Both had boyfriends.
I wore sweatpants
and lay around greasy
smoking bad weed.
I finally got a girl
and we stayed locked in my room
playing slap-jack and drinking wine.
We cursed our roommates and the school
and the traditions
just wanting to be somewhere without obligations.
I wore headphones everywhere,
smoking cigarettes as I walked
looking into people’s faces.
Looking back, I had so many girls
and so much camaraderie.
Now that it’s behind me I have this self-image
of being alone trying to not forget.

– Inglewood, CA


Taken in Painted Rock, MT

The Chaparral

The hawk glides carefully
above the sloping foothills,
searching the thicket for lizards
looking for nests.

The pricks in my own life are always present
during ceremonious things
like having a drink with someone
in your ear.

Or it’s something else-
the deadly sun and the deadly water,
making me wonder if everything here
has to endure its pleasures.

– Palos Verdes, CA


Taken in Seattle, WA