Hidden Icons


Taken somewhere in Montana

Waiting prairie,
white lilac breeze
pushing along,
bending each stalk
and letting go again.
Eerie presence
seen then unseen,
a phantom attraction—
the moon, tides,
you and me,
rolling meadow waves
coming and passing.

– Long Beach, CA


In Palos Verdes again,
binge time wasting fast.
A robe, shoes, a dufflebag,
plates and clothes on the floor,
laptop on the counter.
I settle in to your apartment trying to live
in the moment
but it’s not what I wanted.
So I default to waiting
all morning for something.
We’ve settled into our addictions
and forgot the beginning
when we agreed to remember
and not get lazy.

– Palos Verdes, CA


Taken in North Hollywood, CA


He chose to die on a nice day;
the sun touched all the places
and made them show their faces.
The surfaces were bright and warm
like they never weren’t
despite the newness.
Wind steadily lapped his senses
to keep the scene tidy.
What a suggestive day –
as if the world was puffing up
to say fuck you too.

– Palos Verdes, CA


Taken in Long Beach, CA