I Just Read Your Book

I died too, after college,
when my dream fears were realized.
We make our indifference visible;
we shift our weight, smoke, claim all religions
and none.
We don’t bleed you and I
we decompose under those who died
after us,
G-d granting them the luxury of a finite mind.

– Palos Verdes, CA


Taken in Bruges


I miss you still.
I distracted myself with mountains and water,
the silent sigh of nature known only by color—
too much color so I got bored and aware
and decided to come back
to write you more abstract poems,
which in my mind are always gray.

– Palos Verdes, CA


Taken in Los Angeles, CA


All earth is a dustpan
floating on the drifts of thoughtless creation-

I look at the tide a mile away
and I see myself like Edna’s Awakening.
I want to wear it, that new version
waving back.
For a moment it’s not even blue
but the red of Greek tragedy
and Revelations and Sartre.
The ripples peter out and
I see the shore again.

-our blood becomes dirt and washes away.

– Palos Verdes, CA


Taken in Darby, MT


There is a gene for change and
in the ability to change.
It is a chemical structure
that becomes other structures
at dusk. Mad lust,
dull imagination,
no authority.
Mountain tops are tips of gray
crayons against paper;
the ocean spills into the sun.
Be fake with the rest.

– Palos Verdes, CA


Taken in Seattle, WA