Pathetic Fallacy Revisited

We are fools who talk
about the weather and the time.
It’s getting dark so early now;
we’re in for a tough winter.

How lucky we are to be
so distracted with change
that we don’t see it happen.

Remembering the spring and fearing the snow
we have no sowing or harvest;
We’re dead until we die.

– Palos Verdes, CA


Taken in San Francisco, CA


With you is the worst
there is no cirrhosis
or treadmarks
or stains but you’re still there.
I go to bed knowing I’ll see you in the morning
when no one can watch. You stab my body
with ecstasy but it dies
on its way to me
and you know I’ll come back.

– North Hollywood, CA


Taken in Venice, CA

Remember in Negatives


Taken in Long Beach, CA

You older folks have been here,
when you realize you’ve walked your path
into a trench.
It’s harder to find my voice now.
Memories are skimmed through,
their chemistry severed by transcription;
my lines grow shorter
and I can’t seem to push them back.
I’ve lost so many pictures,
my brain can’t render
so the imagery is washed.

I will always remember walking around the woods
during summer, the swollen green hugging my path.
I’ll also remember the barren gray winter,
my muddy snowprints leading there.

– North Hollywood, CA


I step outside and let the screen door slam,
pressing a cigarette with my lips
and blowing the exhaust through my nostrils.
I sit on the concrete step
to pin down the torn sole of my boot,
and want to stay there for a minute,
an hour, the day
a lifetime-
but this is every morning.
My cigarette drops in the sidewalk groove
and I’m walking.

– Columbus, OH


Taken in Seattle, WA


This is just a few minutes
sitting back in a chair,
old and dying quicker
in a memory.

You’d think I’d see you by now;
we sit in the car
and you teach me nothing
like history to people who can’t stop
killing themselves,
like a tree in the park
during different seasons,

the seared earth still spinning
in front of the sun
like the stillframes of our favorite movie.

– Greenhills, OH


Taken in Long Beach, CA



Taken in Malibu, CA

I don’t have my glasses on;
everything beyond my nose is blurry.
We’re in a sand trench and the enemy is ahead.
We’re not the same. They are coming for you
and I want to help.
A colossal dumpster to my right; I start to climb
the side.
Now there is barbwire on top of the trench walls;
now I’m on top of the dumpster.
There are Japanese body bags, kids filled to the top
and I’m falling
off the dumpster.
I grab the edge, the tip of my fingers,
I sway over the wire.
It’s too risky, I jump back down.
They are going to get us now.

– Greenhills, OH